A Guide on the Concept of Loss Functions in Deep Learning — What they are, Why we need them…

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  1. Why…

Getting Started

A Guide on the Theory of Activation Functions in Neural Networks and why we need them in the first place.

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Analysis of the Technology of our Future — Trends, Projections, Opportunities

1. Artificial Intelligence in the corporate Sector

Why do we need Stochastic, Batch, and Mini Batch Gradient Descent when implementing Deep Neural Networks?

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A Guide on the Theory and Practicality of the most important Regularization Techniques in Deep Learning


Table of Content

Learn the most important Basics of Deep Learning and Neural Networks in this detailed Tutorial.

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Table of Content

  1. What exactly is Deep Learning?
  2. Why is Deep Learning so…

Learn the Difference between the most popular Buzzwords in today's tech. World — AI, Machine Learning and Deep Learning

Evolution of Artificial Intelligence

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